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CBCHS signs a memorandum of understanding with MINAS

Partner with us to Support a Child with an Impairment The program is funded by the Dutch Based Liliane Foundation

 Through funding from the Liliane Foundation, we support 3000 children with disabilities on annual basis to access healthcare, education, social and livelihood opportunities. From the WHO’s estimates, there are close to 3.9 million persons with disabilities in Cameroon. The combined efforts of organizations like the Liliane Foundation, the government, and other International and National Non-Governmental organizations are contributing greatly to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in Cameroon. Despite these, the needs are still enormous as more and more children from very needy backgrounds are still not able to access basic services as a result of poverty. You can partner with us to support a child with impairment in Cameroon.  Partner with us to ensure better life outcomes for children with disabilities in Cameroon!